Sunday, December 19, 2010

...I love baby goats.

You guys, this place is the perfect combination of Green Acres and... I don't know, some television show based around the beach.  Bay Watch!  Yes.  It's like Bay Watch, because everyone here is gorgeous.  I've just been lurking in the shade, my pasty white skin glowing like I just fell off of a radioactive waste truck.  It's all very tragic.  So, I guess the Bay Watch part of the combination is less than perfect, but at the very least, I'm getting an opportunity to face my insecurities and also get sunburned a lot.  Yay?

Friday night we went to see Lukas Nelson in his father's (Willie!) bar.  It was an awesome show, with an odd mix of dirty hippie, dirty surfer and dirty redneck.  Very nice.

E's house is surrounded by farm animals.  Mostly of the goat and horse persuasion.  Did  you know that baby goats are basically puppies?  They are the cutest, most amazing little animals on the plant.  They bounce everywhere, tails wagging and heads bobbing.  It is completely ridiculous.  I'm in love.

Speaking of my puppies, I miss my dog.
His birthday is on the 27th and of course, I'm going to miss it.  I'm weary of bringing him out here because he would have to stay outside because E is allergic to dogs (but less so cats? a likely story) and Oliver was just not raised to be an outside baby.  I cried when I left him with my parents.  You just can't explain to a dog that you're leaving for a while, but you'll come back to see him and he didn't do anything wrong.  I am the worst dog-mom ever. 

Now that I've turned myself into a weepy mess, here are those boring pictures of sand you were looking forward to, Steven:

These were all from the super-touristy, beach-front-condo part of the island.
I'd be okay with never going there again, but the beaches
are gorgeous.

1 comment:

  1. Allergic to dogs!!!

    Score one point for the lack of beardage.
    Loose five for imaginary allergy... no one is allergic to dogs...period. And I'm guessing this has something to do with the shave, too.

    Ugh, the beach. I'm getting hives. Are there sand crabs out there? Sand crabs are kind of cool.

    Baby goats rock! As long as they're not baby pygmy goats. Midgets of any species make me nervous. Although, Fainting goats are kind of midgety and I like them... but hey, they faint.

    Two in a row! Wow!