Sunday, December 12, 2010


I am the worst blogger ever.  It's a fact, I've accepted it.
So here's the run-down of the last few weeks.

Um, nothing, really.  I've been working and schooling my little heart out.
Last day on the job was this past Friday.  It was tougher than I expected.
I cried like a baby, but not before making it to my car, so I'm calling it a success.
Friday night was the company Christmas party.  Super fun.  My bowling
skills are non-existent, but my cheese stick eating skills are out of this world, so
it all balanced out.  Went to our Going Away Party Bar afterwards and closed the place down.  There may or may not have been some Justin Timberlake and Vanilla Ice karaoke.  I'll never tell.

So now we play the waiting game.
The problem with me and the waiting game is that I'm completely neurotic
(if you haven't already noticed)
and so these next three days are going to basically consist of me sitting around thinking of all the ways this whole thing could just come crashing down on me.  How many ways can I screw this up?  A lot, is the answer to that question, and I will be playing them all on repeat over the next 72 hours as I pack a random assortment of my belongings into this really sweet luggage I found at a thrift store (7 dollar bills, y'all!).

I don't know why I have such trouble accepting good things happening to me.
It's not like I've led one of those super tragic lives full of orphanages and tuberculosis -  why can't I just let happy things be happy?  Well.  I can.  And I'm going to.  So, put that in your pipe and schmoke it, Universe.

Oh!  So, I made a promise to myself to blog every day while I'm on this extended trip - we'll
see how that goes.  I've got to develop some sort of self-discipline, and so we're starting with blogging.

My next post will be from about 4,000 miles west of here.  See you guys there.

A very Happy Holidays to you and yours from my boy, John McCain.

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