Thursday, February 24, 2011

Poetry is Bubbles.

My senior year in high school, I decided I was just so over things like "AP Courses" and "Having a Future," and this caused my already laughable academic career to become somewhat ridiculous.  So, the second semester of that year, having dropped my AP English course, I landed in Mr. Graham's class, where we mostly watched episodes of Lost and had spelling and grammar tests (no, really).  Once, though, he put us in pairs and gave us an assignment to write a methaphorical poem about out lives that we would present to the class in a powerpoint presentation.

Naturally, our first step was to find a really killer theme for the powerpoint.  We decided on this background that featured a small child blowing bubbles into a perfect sunset scene, because we thought it would highlight our angsty, sarcastic personalities.  We named the poem, Poetry is Bubbles. 

I remember nothing about the poem itself, except that it had nothing to do with bubbles.  What I do remember, though, is that we had downloaded our special theme from the Microsoft website, and so when we plugged our flash drive into the projector, it didnt copy over and we lost our killer background and our title ended up being less funny and more confusing to the rest of our classmates.  It was quite disappointing.

That just sort of sums up my whole existence.  Awkward stares and failed jokes.


So, I'm back in Arkansas for a few more weeks, and then making the big, permanent move to Maui.  It's going to be a terrifying adventure, but I think I'm finally ready for it.