Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh, hi there.

Let's pretend like it hasn't been almost a year since my last update.
We'll act like I've been writing all along, telling you about all the exciting things in my life:
Oh, Olivia is crawling!
Oh, she started walking!
And she's got six whole teeth!
There was that trip to the aquarium where I almost dropped her in the fish pond.
She fell off the couch and busted her lip once.
She likes every food except mashed potatoes, which makes me think that she is probably maybe not actually my child (I was unconscious for the birth.  It's possible, is all I'm saying.).
And most recently, my baby is now a toddler.  A big fancy pants one year old who tells jokes only she understands, throws dramatic tantrums when her every desire is not met, and explores every new place with big bright eyes that make me wish I could see the world the way she does.  We are growing and going, friends, and she is just the most fun she's ever been.

Right now, I'm in Arkansas.  The last day of our three week vacation to the homeland.  Eric had to go home last week to "make a living" or some silly something.  That is sad because we don't like to be without him, but also because that means I will be braving THREE airports/planes tomorrow with Lou all by myself.  I will probably survive, but in case I don't, please make sure Eric feels guilty for making me live on an island (wink!).

It's been such a fantastic trip.  Fall in the south is a glorious experience.  Everyone is happier, having gotten rid of the sweltering summer heat.  The leaves are turning, the colleges are footballing, the lattes are pumpkining.  I'm glad we could be here for the start of it.

Eric captured some great moments over the last couple weeks, so I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

See you next time, Arkansas.