Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Self Control.

I am, as we speak, battling the overwhelming desire to eat pie for breakfast.
Right now, at 6:30 AM.
First of all, I should not be awake right now.  Every day I think, "someday I'm going to wake up and be okay with this.  My body has to get used to it eventually."  But in the same way that my body will NOT go to bed before midnight, it cannot accept 6:30 in the morning. It is sick and wrong and 6:30 is for waking up, giving the conscious world the finger, and going right back to sleep.

Anyway, so I'm not eating pie.  I'm eating a granola bar.
I don't know why though.  I mean, I'm going to eat the pie.  There will be pie in my belly before this day is over.  So why can't I just eat it now, otherthanthefactI'dvomiteverywhere?  Who made these rules?

In an unrelated topic, it's week 5 of the semester and my mind has already slipped into "Who really needs a college education, anyway?  We're totally going to get blown to pieces before I get a chance to use it."

But I mean, really.


Puppy Playdate.

We have had two couchsurfers in the last week, and I am feeling like a road trip. 
Which one of you is going to let me come visit?