Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Surfer and... A Lasagna.

I wish I was starting this post by apologizing for my absence, but:
"I've been climbing Mt. Everest!"
"I've been attending medical school!"
"I've been held captive by an outrageously good looking bunch of Portuguese men!"

But, you know, that's not the case.
What's really happened is that I've gotten this new roommate
(you all knew I couldn't handle living alone)
and we've been busy creating masterpieces in the kitchen.

Yeah, that's not true either.
But we made a lasagna!
And that is the truth!
Proof (photos brought to you via shitty iPhone camera):

Farmer's Market fresh veggies

Those Japanese love their phallic vegetables.  This is Japanese
eggplant.  Obviously we purchased them for really mature
culinary research purposes, and not because they look like Gonzo's

Wait for it..


Then this weekend, there was this couchsurfer. 
We played Jenga.
Proof (brought to you by a real camera, but hey, I'm no photographer):

We're pretty certain that this was a record-breaking game of jenga.
Didn't bother to confirm that, but we're pretty sure, anyway.

The surfer (Matt) and the tower.

Building a "giraffe."

Jenga art.

Oh, and then there was Marcy Playground.
Right here in Fort Smith!
A whole night of 1995.  It was a glorious experience.
Proof (brought to you by Coors Light):

and to answer your question, it smelled just like Sex and Candy.

So, but, I've missed you guys dearly.
Let's never be apart again.

Oh, except that school starts back tomorrow and my life is officially over.
See you around Christmas, Blogpals.



  1. that couch surfing is sooooo cool!!!
    And the lasagna make me hungry...
    ... for lasagna...

    have a good back to school tomorrow :)

  2. School. Sigh. They grow up so fast.

  3. How do you know what Gonzo's penis looks like? Which one is this one? What does the other one look like?
    I assume we are talking about "Gonzo the Great". I am a great fan of Gonzo and his chicken fetish but I've never even wondered what it looked like so now I know.

  4. On second thought maybe his nose is the other one.

  5. Wait. Are we talking about the same Gonzo?
    Because I am definitely talking about Gonzo of the Muppets.

  6. I still think of it as a llama. It had the ears!

  7. Gonzo of the Muppets is "Gonzo the Great" and is an Alien as is revealed in Muppets From Space.
    He is also known as "The Great Gonzo" and is the best of all the muppets. He (or whatever) loves chickens especially "Camillia" which he can't tell from all the rest because they are all identical. He can also catch cannonballs.

  8. I just want you to update your blog daily. I don't care that its only been two days.

  9. Hahaha, Old. You are way more knowledgeable of Gonzo than I am. I just knew he was purple and funny shaped, really.

    Alyssa, I could say the same about you.