Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Surfer and a Flood.

It's been an interesting weekend, you guys.  Really more of an interesting 24 hours. 
The heavens opened up on Fort Smith yesterday and left me and my apartment very, very soggy.

Shitty iPhone picture.  But that's a vacuum.  Sucking water out of my living space.

The kitchen, downstairs bathroom and entryway were covered in about two inches of water.  We were able to keep it (mostly) off the carpet.  The maintenence men came by and said really helpful things like, "Damn.  That's a lot of water."  And then the man with the vacuum van came and saved my life.

But the excitement does not end there! I know!  More excitement? 
But how can I handle it?
Well, I am a professional excitement handler, that's how.

I hosted my first couch surfer yesterday.  He contacted me Friday afternoon and showed up at about six last night, when I was nearing the end of the flooding fiasco.  I was kind of nervous - there's always a risk of being ax murdered with this kind of program, I guess, but he turned out to be a super fun guy.  We took him downtown and drank a lot of beer and did a lot of singing and dancing and had a great time.  It was his first time to surf, so I'm glad that we both had good experiences.

The Surfer - Alex

Tony trying to teach Oliver self control.

But what I want to know, is how was your weekend?


  1. Hmm... so that's where all that rain went that they were telling us about. So sorry.

    Too bad the apartment wasn't still flooded when Alex the couch surfer came. Maybe he could have actually "surfed" around your place using the couch. . . on the waves of flooding misfortune.


  2. Two inches of water!!!??? Oliver...? Tell me he's okay...He didn't drown did he?

    Flooding sucks.

    Young beards are getting pretty cliche'.

  3. Oliver is fine... luckily my parents were dog-sitting. Flooding DOES suck. And it makes carpet stinky.

    And if by "cliche" you mean "sexy as hell," then I totally agree. Face sweaters, ftw.

  4. I agree with the sexy as hell.
    Oh and sorry about the flood... all that cleaning up afterwards... yeak