Sunday, July 18, 2010

The thing is,

I lost my battery charger for my camera.
And in case you didn't know this already, I'm a total noob, and I don't have a backup battery.
And I have not had time to go pick up a new charger because The Brothers Longley were in town all week and so of course I was playing with them.
Anyway, as it turns out, I am incapable of making a decent blog post (PERIOD.) without some sort of picture to do most of the talking. 

So, I mean, I don't even know what to say to you people.

My brothers' visit was fantastic.  I love having them around.  It's nice to have a little backup when teasing my parents about the hilarity of their worldview.

I finally joined 2008 and bought an iPhone.  So far, it's only solidified my belief that technology is evil and I should have nothing to do with it.  I can't get the damn thing to do the things I want.  I tried to get it to drop off my drycleaning? Nothing!  Oh also, it won't sync to my itunes.  I need Steve Jobs' direct line, please.

Forgive me for being wildly unentertaining, but I mean, you should be used to it by now.
Plus, my head has been everywhere but present-time Arkansas these days.  It's been in NYC of the very-quickly-coming Future, the Sleepy Pineapple Towns of my Fantasies, and a bunch of other places it doesn't belong/isn't quite ready to go.  What I'm saying is, I am way too busy having a million panic attacks a day to cater to all of your blog-skimming whims.  Be gentle with me.

So, since my camera was sitting sad and useless all week, and I couldn't take pictures of the jam session I had with my brother, or my Granddad telling funny stories from the head of the dinner table, or Alyssa passed out in any number of places we discovered her last night, here's an old one.  Because I should at least try to make up for the uselessness of this post by giving you something cute to look at, right?  Right.

This is Jethro, my dads pup.  Don't you want to hug him?


  1. You'll be fine. Really. And you'll be so happy and proud. If all is a piece of cake, there'd be nothing to it. You'll be fine.

  2. For a fraction of the price for the iHype phone you can get a 8 megapixel camera at Walmart that uses a SD flash card and 2 AA batteries. It will take better pictures than you'll ever need for the internet. I imagine they have a clone of your charger as well.
    I thought that phone had a camera.
    Don't worry we'll wait. You're worth it.