Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Cheap Wine Club

The cork in this bottle said, "I'll get to the bottom of this."
I am in love.

I don't particularly like wine.
I do, however, love a good wine drunk.
It makes laying in the floor for two hours giggling and listening
to bad mashups totally acceptable.
Dumping entire pies over into the sink can be explained away
with a simple, "We just polished off our second bottle of wine!"
It's good to be a girl sometimes.  If guys danced around in their
living rooms with each other on a Friday night...well, weird.

So anyway, new hobby!  Gross, cheap wines with attention-grabbing labels.
I am such a whore for clever marketing.

Tell me, Blogpals, what's your favorite wine?


  1. Charles Butts' Shockingly 40 Proof, Plain ol' Red, Undersink Winery, Crossplains Tennessee. Sho nuff return the bottle for free refills.

  2. Franzia Chianti in the 5 liter box. Good everyday table wine.
    When mixed with Almaden chablis in the 5 liter box half and half makes a good Rose.
    Mix that with club soda and a litte limòn over ice cubes and you have a pretty good summer tall drink.
    Topped with mint and a maraschino cherry and it's even pretty. I like pretty.
    About guys dancing around their living rooms on Friday nights: It's OK for them if it's OK for girls but I've never been into it. I don't know what guys do as I've never hung out with them much.

  3. Ehm... I know it sounds boring but I don't drink alcohol. Not because of some principle but simply I don't like it. At all.

    I can tell you, it's hard. First I lived in the land of beer, now in the land of wine.
    Whenever I dare say this here, uncomprehension and exclusion is the only answer :)

  4. Oldfool:
    A) I'm going to need to know your real name so I don't have to call you that. :)
    B) Franzia is the BEST. Of course, my experience with it usually involved a little thing I like to call "bag bonging."

    Steph: DUDE. That breaks my heart. You are crazy. ;)

  5. Alcohol in any form I stay away from. An uncle drank wine...all the time...he went to doctor. Doctor cut him open...cancer of the pancreas...sewed him back up...too far gone, nothing could be done.

    A friend drinks beer every day, most all day longm winding ripped by bedtime, day in day out; "no, I'm no alcoholic" he says. Its very sneaky, creeping in day by day. I advise you: quit drinking alcohol. It ruins lives, many lives, even the ones around you. Smoking; same problem. just props when we can manage life perfectly without this type crutch. You are too young and beautiful to ruin your health.