Thursday, May 6, 2010


Our server/phone lines/internet have been down at work for the past three hours.
We just got the internet back.  The internet that I should not be on!  Because I have this report here, on my desk, staring at me.  I'm ignoring it though.  The way you ignore the gaze of that person you see at Target that you know but don't like?  That's me and this report.  I'm not proud of it, but I'm sure not looking at it.  Not now.  There was cake today, and the sun is out, and with those combined forces of greatness, I have reached a whole new level of uselessness.  I am dancing around this office to bad radio music like this Thursday is something to celebrate.  But it sort of is, because the phones are still down, and I have not had to take an angry/stupid employee phone call in over three freaking hours!  Best Thursday of my life, I think.

...The phones came back on literally right as I finished typing that last sentence.  There's a deity out there who really, really hates my guts.

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