Saturday, October 2, 2010

Restorative Raving.

It was a bit of a rough week, friends.
Work and school teamed up and became this amazing ass-kicking duo,
and I was their arch nemesis. 
It was looking pretty bad, I thought they had me beat.

But then last night, thanks to some old friends and some glowsticks
and maybe too much beer, I was able to crazy-dance all my frustrations
out and am feeling much better today.

It always surprises me how much one good night with people you love
can turn a whole week's worth of anxiety and stress into nothing.  I'm not
the type to feel "blessed," but I am so thankful for the people in my life.

There's something really freeing about being nothing but a flash of light in a dark
room... and of course dancing your ass off. 

My brother is in town from Denver.  Family time today.

Have a great weekend, guys.  Reading your blogs is keeping me sane.

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