Monday, October 18, 2010

College is Ruining My Life.

...and my blog!

Also, it has occurred to me recently that I am just sort of a boring person by nature.
Anyway, I'm working on fixing that. 
But because I am actually supposed to be doing  homework, and there's this cute boy in my kitchen
cooking dinner (I feel like everyone should have cute boys in their kitchens for cooking things), you're going to have to settle for yet another cuddly Oliver picture.  I know, it's probably better than anything I could come up with, right?

I promise I'm coming back soon.  I haven't even been able to keep up on my blog-reading.
This is getting ridiculous, really.

OH!  And today I saw an armadillo that wasn't dead on the side of a highway.
First time in my 22 years as an Arkansan.
It was exciting.  Trust me.

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