Thursday, October 20, 2011

Childbirth: It didn't kill me.

At forty weeks and three days of pregnancy I had an ultrasound because my doctor was all, "I think this baby is huge."
I said, "Whatev, she's measured on target at every ultrasound we've had so far.  This broad is just looking for a reason to induce me."
Radiologist said, "No, for real though.  This baby is ten pounds.  Maybe more."
"Nonsense!" I cried, "Late term ultrasounds are notoriously inaccurate!  The internet told me so!"

I was convinced to let them induce me at forty-one weeks, however, because even if that ultrasound was two pounds off, I didn't want to give my eight pound baby a chance to get any bigger.  Mama didn't raise no fool, and etc.

Well, friends, they were right.  That baby was huge.

Olivia Joyce Rolph was born October 6th, 2011, weighing in at a uterus-shattering 10 pounds 3 oz.  Her daddy and I were/are deliriously happy and exhausted.  


  1. Wow, 10 lb. You are so cool! All three of my kids were under 7 lb. She is precious; congratulations! :)