Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fetus, meet the internet. Internet, Fetus.

So, I've been making this baby.  For just almost 17 weeks.
I mean, I didn't make it on my own.  But I'm doing all the work, you know?
So now that I can eat foot again without feeling like my whole body is going to explode
into a thousand tiny pieces of despair, I'm pretty excited about what we've got going
on here.
Because of the dictator-like role that the little dude's been playing on my body,
and because it refused to uncross it's legs during the ultrasound today, we are
currently referring to it as Baby Mussolini.

All that said - Steven, I guess it's time for you to come to Maui and build me a baby
nursery, wouldn't you say?


  1. This is beautiful.
    Congratulations. :-)

    Cello xox

  2. Oh my! Now I understand the 'heartbeat'-post!
    You'll have to change your header now though. No more unimpressive twenty-something. You'll be a mama, that's impressive whether you want it or not :)

    and ciaociao baby Mussolini


  3. I thought I saw an ultra-sound.

    So, I guess the cat got out of the bag while I was away building decks. You're always saying you want to make beautiful things... time to shine Sunshine.

    Maui... uh... no. Love ya and all, but I don't travel well. I'll ship your jewelry box.

    When is E going to make an honest woman of ya?