Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Oliver has a new best friend.

His name is Bo, and they met at the dog park.  They both have short legs, and everyone thinks they're the cutest.  They are.

This is Callie, and she did not kill and eat me after I took this picture.  She's actually way sweet.  

I don't have anything to say, you guys.  I spend approximately ten hours a day at work wanting to kill myself and most everyone around me, and then Oliver and Alyssa and I go to the dog park to unwind.  It really is my new favorite place.  I don't know the names of any of the people, but I know all the dogs.

It's wild how alike dogs and their owners are.
Like Bo - His owner is a middle aged guy, about 45ish.  Very outgoing, knows everyone that comes in and everything about them.  Stands a little too close to you when he talks, but doesn't give off a creepy vibe, because he's so damn cool.  If he sometimes peed on your shoe for attention, I'd have a hard time telling the two apart.

And this is pretty much my life these days, folks.

How sad?

...I know.

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