Sunday, April 25, 2010

Something. Some things. Some somethings?

I was told to write something.
So after a little encouragement from a totally rad stranger, I suppose I'll do just that.

But not right now.  Right now, I am nursing a hangover, putting off homework and laying around with my dog.
These are things of great importance.

I tried to write this post last night, after what I'm assuming was my thirtieth cranberry and vodka, and let me tell you, it was.. misspelled, mostly. 

Anyway, so.  Later tonight maybe.  There will be something.
Until then, stare at this picture.  Soak up the cuteness of my dog:

and then he ran face first into my lens.


  1. Oh! My! God! I would so kiss your dog on the lips. My boy is right here...I'll kiss him for your dog. I'm such a sucker for a long snout, floppy ears and big brown eyes! Oliver?

    Cran & Vod...yum...Sunday hangover...yuk.

    Well, you wrote something. I'm proud of you. A good something no less. I like it. And you have homework...this is good.

    Dig the new photo...OF YOUR CAMERA!

  2. Every day I come here to see if you have written anything (new)...and to re-soak in your handsome dog. Hmmmmm...Maybe I'll just cut and paste your puppy.

    Nope...twenty bucks.